We take a guided tour of the coziest and most perfectly decorated Californian coastal bungalow of our friend Tiffany!

Booked all year round, this passion project and Air BnB favorite is the perfect escape for when you need a little of that seaside recharge California is known for, without the crowds we are accustomed to. Overlooking a hidden stretch of Ventura shoreline that only the locals know about, The Beach Bungalow, decked out in an Oddbird layer, is a vacation with the comfort of home.

“A realtor friend posted a photo on his Facebook page of the ocean view from the house. That usually means nothing else about the house is worth showing — so of course we were intrigued and asked for more pictures! The rooms looked like a movie crime scene of dingy drug dens. Funnily enough, it wasn’t so far fetched from reality. Yet the minute we saw it, I was in love, and as we walked through the house, what scared most people away made me want it even more.”

But this was not at all an area we should have been considering. The house is too far away from our kids beloved school district, so it couldn’t work as our permanent home. So of course we immediately decided we would rent it out to pay the mortgage — easy peasy, right?!

It took 8 months to renovate… longer than targeted and past the peak season of summer rental. We couldn’t wait for the next peak season to start generating cash; we only had a couple of months left before our savings was completely depleted.

“I had started an Instagram account a few months back, with a handful of postings mainly for friends & family. I knew very little about Instagram but saw potential in marketing The Beach Lodge. So as soon as we were close to the finish line, I started to get more serious about Instagram. With the power of hashtags, West Elm found us. After a full-story feature on their Blog, more people started finding us. Within 3 months of being open, we started generating enough bookings to let us breathe a little easier. At that point, Dwell Magazine included us in their special issue of rooms they loved in the social media world. The Venue Report then included us in their top 100 hottest new venue locations in the world. The love continued to come beyond our imagination. Features and mentions came from Coastal Living Magazine, Domino Magazine, and other publications and blogs. The Lodge has been the backdrop for campaign ads for Nordstrom and Tillys to name a couple.”

“Beyond the recognition, having The Beach Lodge has allowed me to connect with small businesses that I admire. For many that meant working with women like me, who are trying to live their dreams while be truly present for their families.

Another main outcome of this experience that I love is this “job” of hosting. The connection between guests and myself has been confidence boosting. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help people escape the stress of everyday life. What I love about this house is its whole being. It’s not just one room or the ocean view. It’s that sense of calm that radiates from the collection of choices we made to make it feel like a home. With or without the ocean view, we wanted guests to feel thankful for the time spent here, and to take that feeling with them.

After 6 years, we have really created a business based on vision and passion for a house that others saw no future for. And hopefully everyone that stays at The Beach Lodge or hears its story will be just as inspired to live their lives with the same spirit.”