Our Oddbird Artist series was born at the onset of the pandemic. It was a way for us to not only support incredible artists we love by profiling them and sharing their work but also to hopefully inspire our community on their own journey of creativity, finding new rhythms in uncertain times, and the healing act of making art.

"If my memory serves me right, I met Kaitlyn and Alan in late 2018. Enamored with each other's creative worlds, it was no surprise that the connection was immediate and Oddbird soon found residency in the beautiful mercantile they had at the time, Dreamers Supply Co.Since then we’ve had the honor of watching this dynamic duo grow into an awesome foursome, inviting their children into a world full of art and love that they have so perfectly cultivated.After pivoting from operating a brick and mortar to focus on their craft, It's been so inspiring to watch two wildly talented artists, Alan a leatherworker, and Kaitlyn a painter, blossom in their calling, toiling with their hands and leading with their hearts.We cant wait for you to get to know these wonderful artisans, their work and their slow and intentional way of life."-Ceren, Oddbird Co. Founder

Q. Tell us more about your magical and creative family, please!

A. We are dreamers first, and that is the lens in which we see the world, how we create and how we parent. We fell in love 12 years ago and recognized this trait in one another, knowing that it would unite us and be a common thread throughout our lives. Creative occupation found us eventually and Alan became an accessory designer and I became an illustrator!

We live in a renovated, late Craftsman-style house nestled in one of the first established neighborhoods of Birmingham, Alabama. We have a small garden, chicken coop and lots of happy string lights everywhere. We try to live every day focusing on living beautifully and with intention. Our kids fit into our life rather easily ( I think because we are big kids ourselves) and have made life all the more full. It’s something we always wanted but I am glad we had almost 8 years together to build a foundation before we added! We spend the weekends building forts and foraging for seasonal treasures around the wood and consuming way to many books!

Q. How did you both find your art?

A. KAITLIN: My first attempt at a creative career was in musical theatre. I started college with that in mind, but when I examined what my life would look like in five, ten years, I realized the life of a performer didn’t match what I wanted. During that transition period, I interned with a graphic designer and illustrator and it ignited a passion for a career I didn’t know existed. I finally felt like I’d found my calling! After my internship, I completed a degree in illustration with SCAD, and returned to Birmingham to establish my freelance career. My work centers around the things that I love: food, celebration, gardening, nostalgia and I’m lucky to have found clients that resonate with my style!

A. ALAN: My original intent was to become an architect. After shadowing one in high school, though, I questioned the creativity and imput I would actually have and went to school for set design instead. One winter while at school, I wanted a pair of mukluks (winter moccasins) as I loved winter sports and loathed hiking in my heavy clunky boots. After some sticker shock of going to buy them, I figured it was worth a shot to try and make them. It was the moment that led me down the path I am on now. As I began practicing different stitches and experimenting with leathers, I realized I really loved the idea of creating things that would be timeless and tell a story, all while being beautiful and lasting.

Q. What was Covid lockdown like for your family and your work?

A. TI feel like the first lockdown part was most difficult for me, because at the time Alan worked full-time for a company that was government contracted and required him to be on site. I would keep both kids, having lost our childcare from March-May 2020 and work in the evenings when possible. The balance of lack of sleep and loss of income paired with the expectations to still perform by my clients, my children, and our customers for our business had me crying in the bathroom a lot when it all became too much. We’ve adapted many times in the past two years, but we are surviving and found our balance again!

Q. How has becoming a mother changed your approach to your art?

A. I get to draw for a living which is a kid’s dream! Thankfully we have enough coming in now and they both kids are enrolled in an early learning center. I love that Harrison (my firstborn) is engaged with what I do and always asks to see it. I gather up any originals from the day once I have scanned them in and bring them in the car when I go to pick them up. He carefully works through them and likes to guess what each item is. It makes me want to create FOR my kids and I often think of new illustration ideas because of them.

What I have found to work best in our lives is to include them alongside us as much as possible- helping us cook meals, tend the garden, build things, etc. Doing everything together rather than just having them go in the other room and stay out of the way. Things may take a little longer or require additional patience,but we have found the result to be much more rewarding and full.

Q. When the world opens up again, where’s the first place you’ll go? 

A. Rouissillon, in the South of France- the most charming village we came across in our travels three years ago. We loved Provence, the sunshine and ease of life is calling to us and if all goes according to plan we are headed there for the summer next year. There is a quiet and slower pace of life that is nearly impossible to achieve in the states that was addictive and enticing paired with delicious food influenced by the Mediterranean, festivals, and painterly buildings in shades of ochre, blush, and clay.

Kaitlin wears our Zeytin Robe

And Alan wears our Emine Robe


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