In early 2021, with the end of the pandemic still out of sight, our team put their heads together to find unique ways to invest in the people of our homeland during such unprecedented times.

We knew that there would be many rural communities out of work, many families striving to care and provide while unable to venture outside of the home. So as a part of our dedication to supporting Turkish artisans, our production manager set off with a mission and uncovered a wonderful initiative that both unifies women in need and celebrates another textile tradition of Turkey!

We are so honored to partner with the Women's Co-operative Of Nevrus Village, established with the incredible objective to not only provide income for local women who are unable to work outside of the home, but also to encourage socialization and connection through community.

When we decided to re-imagine the traditional Turkish 'Patik' like the ones our Anneanne and Teyze (grandma and auntie) used to knit for us, we knew there couldn't be a better place to re-create these nostalgic pieces than in the homes of other Anneannes and Teyzes. ♥️

In the Turkish culture, when coming home after a long day it’s customary to remove your shoes at the door. Tracking in the mess of the outside into your mama’s clean home immediately constitutes an effective sandal throwing 😆 On entry your mama will offer you rubber house slides during the warmer months and knitted ‘Patiks’ during the colder months. These will likely not leave your feet until you are ready to venture out again. Almost always knitted by a relative, Turkish Patiks are full of the intention of the maker to provide comfort for someone they love, something we kept close to our hearts when collaborating with the women of Nevrus Village ✨