We are so thrilled to announce our second collaboration with Turkish artist, Anita Savul of AniStudio as we welcome our newest addition to our homewares collection;

The Oddbird X AniStudio Modern Wall/Floor Tapestries.

Celebrating the time-honored Turkish tradition of rug weaving, we have partnered with one of our favorite female creatives to create a series of beautiful and symbolic heirloom pieces that are made with love, intention, and blessing.

Featuring 4 original designs, two AniStudio classics and two Oddbird-inspired pieces, these gorgeous textiles, printed by hand in historic Turkey, are a modern take on Traditional Turkish handcrafted carpeting. Designed to transition from hanging tapestry to floor rugs, complete with hook fasteners for easy wall attachment that also lay flat on the ground for seamless use, these incredible pieces will bring culture and warmth to any space!

Q. Who are you and how did you come to launch AniStudio?

A. I am a multidisciplinary designer, currently focusing at authentic home textile objects. I studied fashion design at Parsons University, and after that I gained some experience in fashion industry for almost for 4 years. Being in the middle of fast consumption system made me realize some bugs of the system. My curiosity of authentic aesthetic values of different cultures combined with the desire to create by using historical techniques made me come up with AniStudio.

Q. Can you tell us about your origin and how you came to live in Turkey?

A. I have mixed family origins including different places as Turkey, Italy, Spain and England. My family moved to Turkey a long time ago. Ever since I could remember, I was always exposed to different cultures.

Q. We loved working with you, especially as your mood boards always include historical research mixed with modern symbolism… can you tell us about the process of the research you conduct before creating these works of art?

A. History is my biggest inspiration, especially my own culture’s history is really interesting for me. I love it when I can relate something historical with a tradition, ritual or a practice from today. In my daily life, when I see something interesting, or learn something new, I try to think about the past and the future of that specific thing and that takes me to different places. For me, every corner has their own inspiration story. I look carefully to the colors, patterns and shapes around me and try to imagine things in unconventional forms, or in unexpected stories.

Q. What are your aspirations for the coming years? How would you like to evolve your creations?

A. I can say that I am really excited for the future of AniStudio. My biggest goal and dream is to create a team including different artisans focusing in different fields of art as weaving, pottery, coppersmith etc in Turkey. I want to reintroduce traditional artisan techniques with a modern vision.